How would you like to feel full of energy, free of pain - strong, fit, sexy and confident in and out of your clothes - for longer - to thrive not only with your body, but your life?

Do you believe the same as I do - that keeping a body you could feel proud of means more than just having less gut, moobs or bingo wings?


That cover model chest or those toned legs, abs and arms are nothing without a healthy mind and a healthy life - it is my mission to bridge the gaps.


I know what it could be like...


You work hard to build a thriving life for your business and family, you dedicate yourself to workouts and eat relatively 'clean', you stay reasonably healthy?


However there are exercises that cause you to feel uncertain or pain, you sometimes lack energy and focus, maybe your diet falls off track regularly?


If you were to be honest with yourself, there's something missing - you know you could do better - you want to feel better about yourself and about looking in the mirror?


But you know it's about more than that - your health, your mindset, your relationships, your business and your life all sit on a similar level and dedicating more tima than you already do - you couldn't justify...


It could be perfectly ok to stay the same as you are, if you're happy


But what if it didn't have to be this way?

What if you could build your ideal body, without restrictive dieting and without spending excessive hours in the gym?


What about if you could be on your way after just one phone call?


After helping hundreds of men and women over the years with these same challenges, I've managed to break the solution down into 3 simple steps.


The right self-awareness

The right education

The right plan to follow


Jacob Butterfield Fitness provides you with evidence based, practical and results driven advice through 1-1 & Group Online Coaching to help you bulletproof your business and your brain by helping you to build and keep a body you could feel proud of with a no bullshit approach to fitness.

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Starting from £40.


Jacob will guide you through your health & fitness journey on a regular 1-1 basis.. After a thorough assessment, Jacob will devise training and nutrition plans for you to follow with your goals, lifestyle and current experience being considered.





Coming soon...


Starting from £110 per month.

Confident within your own training? Online coaching is a service more suited to the individual already with a substantial amount of training experience and/or can't accommodate a 1-1 personal training session


A primary objective, in order to become self-sufficient, could be to learn. Click below to learn more about different aspects of training and nutrition and to gain an insight into the journey of some individuals success stories.





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