Amy's Transformation

Updated: Feb 10

What were your initial reasons for investing in coaching?

Previous to training with Jacob I used to have low energy levels, my nutrition wasn’t the best, I had mobility issues and had hit a plateau with my training and nutrition.I also decided to challenge myself to complete a marathon race something I had never done before. I decided to train with Jacob to help me achieve my goal of running a marathon as well as improving my nutritional habits,working on my mobility issues, getting stronger and looking leaner and more healthier.

What were your expectations from coaching?

Jacob broke everything down and went through everything step by step and set mini goals for me to aim for.This was done from the weekly check-ins where I provided my thoughts and feedback and then he would advise me what to aim for with the information I provided. I had an app to refer with all of my workouts and nutrition information and if I had any questions or queries then I could ask Jacob and he would provide a response, it was more than I originally expected.

Did you learn anything throughout your coaching experience?

My initial fear was being afraid to eat more calories than I was as I presumed I would put on weight.But after some time and Jacob’s patience I learnt how to improve my eating habits.Prior to training with Jacob I used to run most days and had low energy levels,but through reducing my runs as advised I felt I had more energy and did better when competing in running events so I also learnt that it's not always simply about more being better. I finished the Sheffield half marathon in April 2018 15 minutes quicker than the previous year and successfully completed my first Marathon whilst training with Jacob. My mobility has improved as I was unable to squat past hip level previously, after working on this with Jacob i can now comfortable squat past hip level.

What are your goals now? To do another Marathon race and work towards being able to do a deadlift and incorporate this exercise in my workouts.

Amy completing her first Marathon.

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