Emily's Transformation

Updated: Feb 10

Emily Before

Emily After

What were your initial reasons for investing in coaching? I was going to the gym, not really knowing what I was doing , after a chat with Jacob I decided to use his personal training services and our aim was for me to do a photo shoot

What were your expectations from coaching?

Jacobs knowledge was excellent , I had a check in with Jacob every week which worked very well; i was required to give feedback on my training and progress and he would provide me with a video update giving me focus and goals for the week ahead, this also gave me the opportunity to ask him any questions and learn afterwards, towards the last few weeks close to my photo shoot this we checked in every couple of days which I feel helped a lot.

Did you learn anything throughout your coaching experience?

Mainly how to train properly and get the correct muscle groups working , I also had quite a few imbalances before training with Jacob; I wasn't feeling squats where i knew I should and I had a few aches around my lower back, these needed correcting which Jacob was able to explain the reason behind my problems and help me correct them moving forwards. I also learnt a lot regarding the nutrition side of things and feel I am able to continue using what I’ve learnt both in the gym and at home with my food.

Emily Before

Emily After

Emily Photoshoot

What are your goals now? To continue at the gym as I was doing , currently just enjoying training / relaxed diet at present , looking at starting aerial / pole fitness shortly.

For any questions please feel free to email me on jacobbutterfieldfitness@gmail.com.

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