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What were your initial reasons for investing in coaching? I always struggled when trying to lose fat. I would always ‘go on a diet’ which would involve eating no more than 500 calories a day (sometimes those calories were only made up from ‘slimming shakes’) and also doing hours of cardio. This always lasted for no more than a month, and even though I would actually lose a substantial amount of fat, I always found myself binging in the end and gaining the weight back. Also during the process I would be tired and miserable. It wasn’t enjoyable at all. I contacted Jacob as I wanted to learn how to lose fat efficiently but also making the process sustainable and enjoyable.

What were your expectations from coaching?

When we first met for my initial assessment, I discussed what I was wanting to gain from this process. Jacob understood everything I was wanting and also took into account my circumstances- young and still wanting to have the occasional night out and not being ‘on it’ 100% of the time. Jacob moved me from my previous cardio based training to weight training. I found this so much more enjoyable and believe it encouraged my fat loss further than any cardio based training I did in the past. The spreadsheet Jacob provides really helped when tracking progress in terms of training and nutrition and also the check ins where I could see my progress and Jacob could comment/advise further.

Did you learn anything throughout your coaching experience?

I learnt that eating very little is not the way to go when trying to lose fat. I was taught that weight training is a great way to not only lose fat but also build, in my eyes, a more flattering shape. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also mentally. Weight training was a great way to relieve stress and also very rewarding when increasing your weights. Also, learning that you don’t need to be scared of food when trying to lose fat. Instead it will fuel your day to day activities without becoming easily tired, but also fuelling your training and becoming even stronger and losing more fat! Me and Jacob eventually upped my calories to 1700 per day, and I continued to lose a substantial amount of weight - something I never imagined happening whilst eating so much.

What are your goals now? My goals now are to sustain a healthy life style and maintain my weight. I feel like since working with Jacob I have all the tools in place to be able to achieve this. I now also understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and how there’s so much more to it than just how you look.

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