Pete's Transformation

Updated: Feb 10

What were your initial reasons for investing in coaching?

Pete Before 09/17

Pete After 12/18

After spending time in the gym without any direction or knowledge I wasn't getting any results and was wanting to lose weight but didn't know the right way to tackle it. Im a busy dad of 2 and hold down a full time management position, i needed to know how to manage my goals around what i already had going off. I was aimlessly trying to make a difference but was lost in the vast amount of info out there and was jumping between different workouts that id seen on YouTube etc. I needed to focus and learn the basics and had a thirst for knowledge around training and also the mechanics behind it. I had some concerns around cost but after an initial investment in 1-2-1 coaching i switched over to online coaching once I felt comfortable with form and execution.

What were your expectations from coaching?

The coaching service is Excellent! the initial and follow up assessments helped us plan out a program which took into account mobility and weaknesses in a way which made me able to execute movements without pain or restriction and build strength in weaker areas. Before i started training i had issues with my lower back but since working on this and building strength in that area i haven't had any issues in the last 12 months!! Weekly check-ins make the process easy to manage and follow and allow for changes to be made and progress monitored. the way this process has evolved from client feedback over the last 12 months now means its simple and very effective. Video updates talk you through the changes and progress and also show you this against your own plan as a live talk through!

Did you learn anything throughout your coaching experience?

My biggest achievement has been the knowledge that i've gained where i feel able to manage and control my nutrition along side implementing a training plan with guidance but also where i feel i need to go 'off plan' I now have the tools to manage this accordingly, both for nutrition and with training. My biggest challenge was being able to dedicate time to the process alongside family commitments and work. With help and advice and by finding a routine that works for me i have been able to achieve big things in the gym, with my family and career.

What are your goals now? New Year - New Goals! get that promotion ive been working towards. Being the best version of me inside and outside the gym has given me a huge sense of confidence and im ready to go into the new year looking to gain some extra lean tissue and size.

Pete Before 09/17

Pete After 12/18

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