Scott's Transformation

Updated: Feb 10


12 Weeks later

What were your initial reasons for investing in coaching? I was looking to lose body fat. But had always struggled to stay motivated previously. Mainly due to finding time to train and food prep with what little spare time I had after a very busy job and family life. I thought that having someone help, both on the training and nutrition aspects of it would help keep me motivated.

What were your expectations from coaching?

Jacob offered a service that helped keep me on track. With weekly check ins online to track my progress and highlight good areas and areas to work on. We also met as often as possible to train together. With him ensuring my form and effort were up to scratch. He also gave me lots of tips and food ideas to help with my food prep, which in turn gave me more time to train. We spoke after my initial assessment about my goal and how we would achieve it. Which was excellent as I was never in the dark and just training because he said so. It felt like were we working together as a team. Instead of him just dictating. Always very friendly, approachable and accommodating.

Did you learn anything throughout your coaching experience?

I learned a lot about nutrition. What, when and why to eat things. And that food prep does not mean preparing boring repetitive food. Previously I had always craved junk food. But after learning that your food intake can be enjoyable I curbed the cravings. Also efficient food prep. Enables you to have so much more time to train and do other things you and enjoy.

What are your goals now? My goal moving forwards is to continue to lose more body fat. After finishing with training with Jacob I sustained a football injury and have been away from regular training. This alongside a change in priorities has meant I have regained a little weight.

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